Acceptable & Rejected Items

Acceptable Items

Acceptable items for U.S. Mail delivery to inmates include:
  • Books
    • Cannot be sent directly from an individual
    • New paperback books or magazines may be shipped directly from the publisher, distributor, bookstore or internet bookseller - Limit of three at a time
    • No hardback, used books, magazines, spiral-bound books or literature allowed
  • Cashier's checks (inmate accounts are not to exceed $400)
  • Legal mail between attorney or court and inmate
  • Letters
  • Money orders
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Photographs
  • Written documents forwarded for signature

Reasons for Rejection

The following is a list of items and reasons why mail would be returned to sender:
  • Address labels / stickers / post-it notes
  • Blank cards, paper and postcards
  • Bubble wrap /cardboard / coupons and gambling items
  • Cash or personal checks
  • Colored ink; only letters written in black ink are accepted
  • Excessive puzzle or coloring pages (limit 10 per envelope)
  • Food items
  • Glued items, glitter, gel pens, metallic ink, confetti, excessive ink, marker or paint
  • Laminated items, musical cards, manila envelopes, Tyvek envelopes
  • Lipstick, perfume, cologne or scented items
  • No color paper or envelopes (white paper only) or on greeting cards
  • Plastic, laminated items, metal items, paper clips, staples or metal clasps
  • Polaroid pictures with backings
  • Racist or other inflammatory materials, including gang symbols and hand gestures
  • Sexually explicit materials; nude / semi-nude photos, including babies and children
  • Stamps, stamped items, paper, envelopes - inmates must purchase from commissary
  • String, ribbon, confetti, white out, tape (clear tape only)
  • Three-book limit exceeded
  • Tobacco or tobacco products
  • Unauthorized inmate to inmate correspondence
  • Unknown substances on paper, envelopes, photos, foil or foil-lined envelopes
  • Unsigned, incomplete or altered money orders

For More Information

Contact Custody at (253) 798-4590 or (253) 798-4668 if you have any questions regarding these rules.