Beach Rules

Be aware of the "Three Ts." These rules apply to the beach at Chambers Creek Regional Park. Please see our full list of rules for more information.


Help keep your beach clean. Please pack out your trash and dispose of it in the receptacles provided.


Portions of this beach are unavailable at high tide. Remember to check the posted tidal charts to avoid being stranded.


Keep off the railroad tracks. Always use the pedestrian overpass to cross the tracks. Trains may approach without warning.

Marine Mammals

Do not disturb seal pups or sea lions. It is illegal to disturb or harass marine mammals. People and dogs should keep back 100 yards.

Seal pups need time ashore to rest. If you find a dead or stranded marine mammal please contact us so that we may report it to the Stranding Network. To report a dead or stranded marine mammal please call (253) 798-4141.

Off-Leash Area

The area of the beach directly south of the overpass is an off-leash permitted area. Please remember to leash your pet if you are heading north of the stairs.