78th Avenue East / 184th Street East (CRP 5661)

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What's Happening

Pierce County issued the Notice to Proceed on June 12, 2017.  The Contractor, Active Construction, Inc., has completed all the road and sidewalk work.  The project was suspended late Fall 2017 due to delays by the signal pole supplier.  It is anticipated that the project will resume late January with completion in February 2018.  The Contractor has completed the following work:
  • Clearing, grubbing, and installing erosion control measures.
  • Constructing a storm water pond.
  • Installing curb, gutter, and sidewalk.
The remaining work to be completed late January 2018 is as follows:
  • Installing new traffic signal system.


 the Project

Planned improvements to the intersection of 78th Avenue East / 184th Street East (CRP 5661) are intended to increase the efficiency of the intersection and improve safety. Improvements would include the following:
  • Adding left-turn lanes to 78th Avenue East.
  • Adding concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk.
  • Adding an enclosed storm drainage system, stormwater treatment and storage facilities.
  • Adding a new traffic signal system and illumination at the intersection.
  • Adding sidewalk on the south side of 184th Street East.

Project Timeline

March 03, 2017: Bid Opening

March 17, 2017:
Pierce County awarded the contract to 
Active Construction, Inc.  

May 23, 2017:
Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

June 12, 2017:
 Pierce County issued the Notice to Proceed

February 2018:
Anticipated Substantial Completion

February 2018:
Anticipated Physical Completion
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