DEMON Process Pilot Study

Demon Process Pilot Study - 2011

In 2011, Pierce County conducted a pilot study to determine if the DEMON (anammox) biological treatment process for reducing ammonia would work and be cost effective at the county wastewater treatment plant. In general, the process performed as expected and the county is planning to incorporate DEMON into the Phase 1 treatment plant expansion.
What is DEMON?

DEMON, short for de-ammonification, uses a patented culture of naturally-occurring anammox bacteria to carry out anaerobic ammonium oxidation. This oxidation is part of the nitrogen cycle carried out in nature by microbes in oceans, soil and lakes.

Patents for the DEMON process, equipment and specialized bacteria seed sludge for use in industrial ammonium removal are held by Dr. Berhard Wett, ARAConsult GmbH, Austria and Dr. Geert Nyhuis, Cyklar-Stulz GmbH, Switzerland. The process directs the microbes' unique ability to efficiently remove ammonium and related nitrogen compounds from industrial wastewater.
DEMON Pilot Study - April 2011
DEMON Pilot Study
Person Working on Machine
People Working on DEMON
DEMON Plant Setup
DEMON Plant Machine
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