Felony Drug Court


Outcomes for the Washington State Criminal Justice Treatment Account showed that Drug court participants were over 3 times more likely to enter treatment within 90 days and 4 times more likely to be in treatment—primarily outpatient—for 90 or more days. Read the full report.

The Pierce County Felony Drug Court Program is the second largest drug court in Washington State and began operations in October of 1994. Eligible defendants who choose to enter the program waive their right to a speedy trial and trial by jury, stipulate to the facts in the police report from the time of their arrest and agree to complete a rigorous program of treatment and court monitoring for approximately one year.

The primary goal of the Pierce County Felony Drug Court is to reduce recidivism and the need for incarceration by offering an alternative to jail and probation through participation in assessment, education and treatment for nonviolent, drug- addicted defendants that will take a minimum of 12 months. Pierce County Drug Court has successfully graduated over 1400 participants who have gone on to live healthy and crime free lives.

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Drug Court General Policies
Drug Court Medication Assisted Treatment Policy
Felony Drug Court Criteria
Drug Court Post-Disposition Admission Paperwork
Drug Court Pre-Disposition Admission Paperwork
Drug Court Screening Packet

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