Boating Advisory Commission


The Boating Advisory Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Sheriff, the Executive, and the Council on matters relating to boating conditions and safety. The Boating Advisory Commission shall:

1.    Serve as a continuing advisory board;

2.    Review County watercraft regulations to determine adequacy and consistency with Coast Guard and other federal regulations;

3.    Recommend amendments to County watercraft laws; and

4.    Hold meetings and receive public input as necessary and appropriate on matters coming before them.

PC Code Chapter 8.88.440


The Boating Advisory Commission is composed of 9 members selected by the County Executive and confirmed by a majority of the Council.

If you would like to apply, please complete the application form and return the signed copy to the Office of the Executive as indicated on page 2 of the application.

For more information about this commission please contact: 
Brian Ward
Pierce County Sheriff's Department
(253) 798-4940 

 Commission Members
Kevin Lewis
September 30, 2020
2 of 2
Mike Burton
September 30, 2020
2 of 2
Randi Charron
June 30, 2018
1 of 2
Robert Kimball
August 11, 2019
1 of 2
Gregory Cooper
October 31, 2019
1 of 2
Robert Powers
December 31, 2019
1 of 2
Levi Tyree
March 31, 2020
1 of 2
Justin Nimick
March 31, 2020
1 of 2
Mark Swalley
November 30, 2020
1 of 2