ADA Transition Plan for Public Rights-of-Way

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What's Happening

Pierce County completed our Americans with Disabilities Act Public Rights-of-Way Self-Evaluation Report in October 2015. This report details whether existing sidewalk facilities are in compliance with the ADA. We will use the findings in the self-evaluation report and the comments we received to develop the ADA Transition Plan.

About the Project

Pierce County evaluated pedestrian facilities in our public rights-of-way to determine whether they meet ADA requirements. We also reviewed existing policies and created new policies to ensure compliance with ADA standards for future pedestrian facilities. This resulted in the completion of our Americans with Disabilities Act Public Rights-of-Way Self Evaluation Report which satisfies Title II of the ADA and 28 CFR 35.105.

Next, we will use the findings of our self-evaluation report to develop our ADA Transition Plan for Public Rights-of-Way. This plan will satisfy Title II of the ADA and 28 CFR 35.150. We will use this plan to prioritize future projects to bring our existing pedestrian facilities into compliance with the ADA. Ultimately, all facilities must be brought into compliance. The plan will focus on existing facilities. It will not address building new facilities in areas that do not currently have them.
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