Energy Efficient Lighting

Flipping the switch on energy efficient lighting

Completing multiple lighting upgrades has proven to be the bright choice for Facilities Management, saving the County thousands of dollars. Over the past 2 years, ten Pierce County facilities have undergone extensive energy efficient lighting upgrades, changing out more than 2,200 light fixtures. These upgrades are expected to save the County over $38,000 per year in energy costs plus received $105,560 in energy rebates from Tacoma Power to help offset the project costs. Also, due to the longer life-span of the new light fixtures (up to 25 years compared to as little as 2.5 years), the County will notice reduced maintenance costs as the fixtures won’t have to be replaced as often.

In the Spotlight… The Yakima Parking Garage

There is more to lighting than what meets the eye. Multiple factors must be taken into account including safety, energy efficiency and cost. Well, the new lights in the Yakima Parking Garage and the underground parking garage next to the jail hit the mark! The once yellow and outdated lighting has now been replaced with vibrant high-efficiency LED lights that are not only saving big bucks for the County but providing a better level of security as well.
The new LED lights use approximately 87 percent less energy than the old lights…wow! Each fixture is programmable, senses movement and detects when daylight is adequate and lighting is unnecessary. This is a big change from the old lights that stayed on 24 hours a day whether they were needed or not.

As you might guess, using 87 percent less energy leads to a significant cost savings. The Yakima Garage lighting upgrade received a $38,700 overall rebate from Tacoma Power and will continue to save the County $10,800 annually in energy costs which means the project will have paid for itself in under five years. This is great news!

The new lighting also provides improved security allowing for better visibility in the garages. The new lighting is brighter and provides clear, even light distribution, making objects much more visible to the human eye. In addition, each new light fixture is equipped with infrared technology that detects movement. As people or vehicles move through the parking garages, the lights will turn on automatically. You can visibly see the lights quickly brighten when they detect movement, alerting you that someone is in the space.