County City Building Fresh Water Pumps

The County City Building has a new pair of pumps

The County City Building has a new set of fresh water pumps that have been installed in the basement. These pumps are used to increase the water pressure to the seventh through the 11th floors for sinks, drinking fountains and toilets.
Water pumps
Why is this a big deal? The new pumps are replacing an old set that were installed in 1985. The old pumps are considered energy hogs according to today’s industry standards and were designed to run 24 hours a day, regardless of the demand for water. The old pumps were neither efficient nor cost effective so the old hogs were replaced with a sleek, new set of pumps that run only when water is needed.
Because the new pumps don’t run 24 hours a day, the County will save approximately $1,488 per year in utilities and 40,213 kWh of energy. That accounts for a 94 percent reduction in energy used compared to the older, less efficient pumps. This also decreases the county’s CO2 emissions by 28.4 metric tons which is equal to the emissions from burning 3,181 gallons of gasoline. 
Water pump graph