2016 Supplement to the Solid Waste Management Plan


The goals and objectives in our 2016 Supplement to the Solid Waste Management Plan are where we will focus our energy and efforts over the next five years. We’re looking at ways to coordinate efforts across Pierce County, minimize waste, make recycling easier away from home and focus dollars on the right services to achieve our goals.

State law requires each county to plan for the management of solid waste, including waste reduction strategies and recycling programs. Our existing plan was created in 2000 and updated in 2008.

We can't be successful without the involvement and participation of our community. This workshop will help you understand the issues and your feedback will shape the plan moving forward.
The vision for our five-year 2016 Supplement to the Solid Waste Management Plan emphasizes waste reduction and working together as a community. Four goals support the vision:
People, businesses and agencies work together to reuse resources and waste little.
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System Goal
We support and expand opportunities to minimize waste.
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Culture Goal
We are a community of invested, active participants working together to reduce waste.
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Decisions Goal
Decisions are practical, understandable and transparent, providing opportunities for innovation while balancing economic, environmental and societal impacts.
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Measurement Goal
Actions, programs and services are measured and evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency.

Materials Management System
Solid waste includes garbage, recyclables and compostables. All of these materials must be managed after use. This requires money spent on collection, transportation and processing the material, regardless of what it is.
The graphic at left shows the life cycle of materials from the extraction of natural resources, their manufacture and use and the end-of-life management that ideally includes the reuse of those resources in a continuous loop.
We all influence the materials management system. The choices we make about what we buy and what we do with things when we are done with them all have an impact on the system.

Product Life Cycle: Aluminum Beverage Can