Class IV - General Forest Practices Application (Type A)

A Class IV-General forest practices, or logging permit, may be required to cut down trees on your property in association with clearing and development activities. A separate application and review fee is required for each parcel.

A Class IV-General Forest Practices permit application must be associated with a “parent” development permit application, such as a Site Development permit, building permit, or Use permit application, for proposed logging on parcels in the Rural areas of the county, outside Urban Growth Areas (UGA) and County Urban Growth Areas (CUGA). The required “parent” permit application must be submitted prior to, or at the same time as, the Class IV-General forest practices permit application. The Class IV-General forest practices permit application cannot be approved until a Site Development permit application addressing the proposed associated clearing and subsequent development has been issued.

Type A review is required when the proposed development/project has not, and is not currently undergoing State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review.

Type B review is required when the proposed development or project, including the proposed logging, is currently undergoing SEPA review, or has already had a SEPA determination issued.
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