112th Street South - C Street South to A Street South (CRP 5853)

112th St S Road Photo

What's Happening

We're beginning the preliminary engineering for the project. We'll be completing the field survey of the corridor, vertical alignment design, storm drainage treatment and conveyance design.

About the Project

Planned improvements to 112th Street South from C Street South to A Street South (CRP 5853) are intended to increase capacity and relieve traffic congestion, and include the following:
  • Expanding to five lanes with a two-way left-turn lane, with additional turn lanes at the 112 St S / SR 7 intersection
  • Adding concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks.
  • Adding street lighting.
  • Reconstructing the traffic signal at the 112th St S / C St S intersection.
  • Adding an enclosed storm drain system, as well as stormwater treatment facilities.

Project Timeline

July 2017 to September 2017: 
Complete field surveys. 

September 2017 to August 2019: Complete preliminary engineering and right-of-way plans.

August 2019 and Beyond: 
Right-of-way acquisition, environmental documentation, construction plans, specifications, estimates, and construction. These activities are all dependent on additional funding.

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Patrick Baughman, P.E., PMP
Design Supervisor
Phone: (253) 798-3157
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