Tallentire Mixed Income Homeownership Project

What's Happening

Last September ground was broken on a mix income homeownership project in Parkland across from Pierce County’s Gonyea Park. The project known as Tallentire will consist of 45 single family homes for sale to both market rate and lower income homebuyers. 


If it wasn't for this program I probably wouldn't of been able to purchase this home. It would of took several years and a struggle to buy such a beautiful place. So I'm very thankful to my agent, lender, Sager Homes and your department for the help in this”. 

                                        - Previous Home Buyer

About the Project

The project is being constructed on land formerly owned by Pierce County. As such the County is requiring the Developer, Sager Homes, to set aside units for sale to buyers who meet the HUD low income threshold. The Pierce County Community Development Corporation will provide downpayment assistance loans to qualified low income homebuyers purchasing homes in Tallentire.

Down payment Assistance Eligibility

Buyers must have a gross annual household income of less than the income limits listed in the table below: 

Household Size Gross income annual Income – 2017 Limits
1 $41,800
2 $47,800
3 $53,750
4 $59,700
5 $64,500
6 $69,300
7 $74,050
8 $78,850

In additional to meeting the income limits buyers seeking down payment assistance must:

  • Complete a five hour Washington State Housing Finance Commission first time homebuyer training;
  • Have sufficient monthly income and credit to qualify for a minimum first mortgage loan;
  • Contribute the greater of $1,000, or the amount of liquid assets (checking, savings, money market) over and above six months of their proposed principal, interest, taxes and insurance payment.

The down payment assistance loan will require owner occupancy for a minimum of fifteen years. Should the buyer fail to occupy the home as their primary residence the loan is due in full. 

Down payment Assistance Loan Terms:

  • 30 year term loan due on sale;
  • 0% interest, deferred payment (no monthly payments);
  • County staff will work with buyers lender to determine appropriate amount of downpayment assistance maximum amount is $60,000; and
  • Second mortgage lien recorded against the property to secure the loan.

Down payment assistance requirements document


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