911 Addressing Project

UPDATE: This address change will go into effect April 1, 2018. In March 2018, affected property owners will receive a letter including their new address and reminders about who to change their address with. The United States Postal Service will honor old addresses for at least one year following the change.

Pierce County is changing addresses in your area to meet the needs of an update to the 911 system. As part of this update, directionals on all addresses on Key Peninsula, Fox Island, and Anderson Island are being changed. For about 375 out of almost 17,000 affected properties, more significant changes are needed to ensure first responders can find the property in the event of an emergency.

  1. Map of Affected Areas
  2. How Does This Affect You?
  3. Why Are Changes Necessary?

Map of Affected Areas


All properties on Key Peninsula, Fox Island and Anderson Island will have the directional in their address changed. Directional changes will affect about 17,000 properties. This will change the directionals KPN, KPS, FI, and AI in the following ways:

  • KPN becomes NW
  • KPS becomes SW
  • FI is eliminated
  • AI is eliminated

About 375 of these properties will also have their street name and/or house number changed. These properties have been identified because house numbers are out of sequence, on the wrong side of the road, or they are not addressed off of the correct road. These problems make it more difficult for emergency responders to find the right location.

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