911 Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

As part of an important update to the 911 system, address changes on Key Peninsula, Anderson Island, and Fox Island went into effect April 1. Pierce County addressing concerns that have been reported in the transitioning of addresses. 

I didn’t receive a letter, but I think I should have

On March 1, Pierce County mailed letters to property owners notifying them about the upcoming address change. There have been instances where property owners did not share this letter with tenants or letters were mailed to a bad address due to incorrect tax records. If you live in or own property in one of these areas and did not receive a letter and think you should have, please contact us at (253) 798-8575 or pcpalsaddressing@co.pierce.wa.us.

I’m having trouble getting my address verified

If you have experienced an issue with address verification with outside parties such as the Washington State Department of Licensing or financial institutions, please know we are working to resolve them. It is important to keep in mind the United States Postal Service (USPS) will continue to deliver your mail at your old address for at least one year.

My bank can’t verify my new address

We have heard reports that some financial institutions are unable to verify addresses, or will not change addresses without a copy of the letter you received. If you are having this problem, please try calling your institution’s customer service department to request an override. If they need a copy of your letter, you can request a duplicate by contacting us at (253) 798-8575 or pcpalsaddressing@co.pierce.wa.us with your name and new address or parcel number. We're happy to help you!

I can’t update my driver’s license or vehicle registration

We are working closely with the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) to update their system allowing new addresses on drivers’ licenses and vehicle registrations, as well as license renewals. DOL expects its system to be fixed by June 1. View a notice on DOL’S website letting Pierce County residents know they should come back after June 1 to update their address and renew licenses.

I’m worried I might be ticketed for not reporting my address change on my license

We have notified the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department about the address update as it relates to drivers’ licenses and vehicle registrations. The department is sharing this information with its deputies and law enforcement agencies across the state, so you should not be cited for having your old address on your license between April 1 and June 1.

I don’t think the address you’ve assigned for my property is correct

If you think the new address assigned to your property was assigned in error, please contact us at (253) 798-8575 or pcpalsaddressing@co.pierce.wa.us. Examples of errors include a road name that your house does not access off of, or a house number that is out of order from your neighbors. 

My house can no longer be found on Google, Waze, or other mapping application

We are continuing to try to have Google update their map systems to recognize these new addresses. We have sent them new addressing information, but we do not have control over whether they decide to update their system. We will continue to request that they do so. In the meantime, you may have to use your old address or provide detailed instructions when you invite guests to your house. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Contact us
Please reach out to us with specific questions or concerns at (253) 798-8575 or pcpalsaddressing@co.pierce.wa.us. Thank you for your patience.