Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

EIS for Community Plan Updates

The update to four Community Plans will include changes to text, policies, land use designations, and zoning. The proposed change also includes the Centers and Corridors zoning concept, which will include four new zones: Towne Center, Urban Corridor, Neighborhood Corridor, and Employment Corridor.

Pierce County Planning and Public Works, as the SEPA lead agency, will prepare a non-project EIS to analyze impacts and determine and disclose any significant adverse environmental impacts on the environment.

Pierce County released the Scoping Notice for the EIS on May 4, 2018. The comment period has closed, and those comments received will help determine the impacts that will be analyzed in the EIS. You can access a copy of the EIS Scoping Notice and comments received under Application No. 885232 in the Planning and Public Works permit system under the Documents tab. A link to Application 885232 is found here.

The Draft EIS is anticipated to be issued by the end of 2018 and will provide a 45-day period for comments.

Staff Contact: Jeff Mann, Senior Planner, (253) 798-2150