High Friction Surface Treatment (CRP 5879)

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High Friction Surface Treatment (CRP 5879)
Bid Opening was held on Friday, January 11, 2019

What were the Contract Bids

The contract was awarded to MJ Hughes Construction on February 7th, 2019.

Bid Package for High Friction Surface Treatment (CRP 5879)
Detailed information on the project specifications and contract plans can be found in the attached links:

About the Project

Public Works has received a $763,000 federal Safety Program grant to install a new roadway coating at six locations throughout unincorporated Pierce County. The coating has been shown nationally to be highly effective at increasing safety and reducing collisions on roadway curves with high driving-off-road types of crashes. It does this by increasing the skid resistance of the roadway surface and helping motorists maintain better control negotiating the curve in both dry and wet conditions. A Centerline Rumble Strip will also be installed at three locations where noted.

The federal grant funding will allow the installation of this thin layer of specially engineered, durable, high friction coating at the following locations:

Group 1: 122nd Street East/Military Road East - 2 curves near bottom of hill (Centerline Rumble Strip included)
Group 2: McCutcheon Road East - curve south of 108th Street East
Group 3: Orting-Kapowsin Highway East - curve north of 210th Street East
Group 4: East Bay Drive Northwest - 21st Street Northwest to Wollochet Drive Northwest (Centerline Rumble Strip included)
Group 5: Military Road East - Vicinity of 38th Avenue East (Centerline Rumble Strip included)
Group 6: Orville Road East - curve west of 168th Avenue Court East

The technical name for this specialized coating is “High Friction Surface Treatment” or HFST.  It’s a two-part coating made up of a high strength polymeric resin binder (the “glue”) and a high durability Calcined Bauxite aggregate (the “rock”).  These two parts are joined on the existing roadway to produce a surface of high skid and wear resistance.

More information of this highly effective and innovative roadway surface treatment can be found on the Federal Highway Administrations “Safety” website: 


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