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Pierce County Complete Count Committee - About Us

Who we are
The Everybody Counts Campaign is a collective of Pierce County organizations that recognize the importance of a complete and accurate census count for the well-being of our community – in 2020 and beyond. The campaign includes representatives from organizations including Bethel School District, the Center for Latino Leadership, the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Multicare, Puyallup Tribe, Puyallup Watershed Initiative, Tacoma Community House, the University of Washington - Tacoma and officials from city and county government. We are partnering with additional organizations and advocates to ensure all members of our community are appropriately represented in this effort and have a stake in getting an accurate count. 

Our vision for Pierce County
We believe that every Pierce County resident has equal value and deserves to be heard. Historically, important communities including immigrants, people of color and young children have gone uncounted in the census. When individuals and communities are excluded, we all miss out on the wealth of perspectives and experiences that make our county strong. An accurate count is also fundamental to our democracy as it determines the number of representatives our state has in Congress.

We believe community members are experts in what they and their communities need. The Everybody Counts Campaign will center community members in our work and bring their voices to the fore. Together, we can ensure every resident of Pierce County is informed, engaged and valued in the census process. To do so we will make every effort to engage our friends, families, colleagues and neighbors in their chosen language, break down barriers to participation, such as not having access to a computer, and mitigate security concerns of our fellow residents who may not feel safe sharing their information with the government. 

Our work is not over after the 2020 Census is completed. We are creating resilient networks across Pierce County that will serve our community in 2020 and beyond. 

Pierce County Complete Count Committee - Core Consultants
  • Alfie Alvarado
    • Director, Washington Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Julie Anderson
    • Auditor, Pierce County
  • Gina Anstey
    • VP of Grants & Initiatives, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF)
  • Robert Barandon
    • Puyallup Tribe of Indians
  • Lois Bernstein
    • Chief Community Executive, Multicare
  • Libby Catalinich
    • Director of Communications, Pierce County
  • Jennifer Chang
    • Executive Director, Puyallup Watershed Initiative
  • Melanie Cunningham
    • Cunningham Network
  • Maia Espinoza
    • Director of Constituent Relations, Pierce County
  • Anita Gallagher
    • Assistant to the City Manager for Policy Development and Government Relations, City of Tacoma
  • Jonathan Jackson
    • Executive Director, Palmer Scholars
  • Bruce Kendall
    • President and CEO, Tacoma Economic Development Board
  • Paulina Kura
    • Community Action Programs - Program Manager, Pierce County Human Services
  • Priscilla Lisicich
    • Executive Director, Safe Streets
  • Kathi Littman
    • President and CEO, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF)
  • Lisa McLean
    • Complerte Count Committee Coordinator, Office of Financial Management (OFM)
  • Ryan Mello
    • Council Member, City of Tacoma
  • Ali Modarres
    • Director of Urban Studies, University of Washington - Tacoma
  • Wolfgang Opitz
    • Deputy Director, Budget and Finance, Pierce County
  • Faaluaina Pritchard
    • Executive Director, Asia Pacific Cultural Center
  • Lyle Quasim
    • Civic Leader
  • Lorraine Ralston
    • Partnership Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
  • Carlos Ruiz
    • Commissioner, Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • Jason Scales
    • Client Services Director, Tacoma Community House
  • Tom Seigel
    • Superintendent, Bethel School District
  • Anna Shelton
    • Senior Librarian for Outreach, Pierce County Library
  • Andrew Strobel
    • Planning & WITPAC, Puyallup Tribe of Indians
  • Lauren Walker-Lee
    • Executive Director, Tacoma Community House
  • Victoria Woodards
    • Mayor, City of Tacoma
  • Michael Yoder
    • Executive Director, Associated Ministries
  • GTCF Support Staff
    • Janece Levien, Program Officer
    • Megan Sukys, VP of Communcations
    • Monique Shields, Admin Support