Parkview Point Storm Drainage Repairs

map of Parkview Point area

What’s happening

A drainage pipe that discharges stormwater down the east side of the Parkview Point development needs repairs. As a precaution, Pierce County will reroute the stormwater run-off to the west side of the development to avoid contributing to the natural erosion that affects the slope.


On Feb. 20, Pierce County found the junction between two pipes was leaking after a local resident reported possible erosion underneath the drainage pipe.

Pierce County’s building official reviewed the site Feb. 21 to evaluate the safety of the occupied buildings nearest the slope. No life safety concerns are present.

Crews plugged the inlet and rerouted the stormwater run-off through an interim bypass to a county-owned stormwater pond several hundred feet west of the site on Feb. 22.

Temporary repairs underway

Crews will begin installing a temporary bypass along 32nd Street Court Northwest the week of March 11.

The bypass will direct stormwater from the intersection of 9th Avenue Court Northwest and 32nd Street Court Northwest to the county-owned stormwater pond at the end of 13th Avenue Northwest.

The temporary bypass will remain in place until a permanent repair can be made. 

Impacts to residents

The work is expected to be completed April 2. Work hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. The work is weather dependent.

Nearby roads will remain open during this work. The eastbound lane of 32nd Street Court Northwest will be closed intermittently, with traffic signs in place to direct traffic.

Pierce County will ensure residents on the south side of 32nd Street Court Northwest can access their driveways during morning and afternoon commute periods. During the day, these residents may experience some delays accessing their driveways. 

Equipment and materials – including hoses, a generator and an electric pump – will be staged on the county property on the south side of the roadway between 1002 32nd St. Court NW and the community drainfield tract.

A permanent fix

Pierce County will begin designing a permanent repair once the temporary bypass is in place. Staff will continue to monitor the bypass until permanent repairs are completed. We do not yet have a timeline on when the permanent repairs will be completed.

We will keep nearby residents updated on our progress through handouts and via this webpage

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Call the Parkview Point Hotline at (253) 798-8888 with questions or concerns.

This hotline will be staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. 
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