Fillmore Drive NW - Wollochet Dr NW to 38th St NW (CRP 5852)

Bid Information

Fillmore Drive Northwest - Wollochet Drive Northwest to 38th Street Northwest (CRP 5852)

Bid Opening was held on Friday February 21, 2020.

What were the Contract Bids

The Contract Bid Tabulations will be posted when available via Pierce County Procurement and Contract Services.

Access is provided by going to

Image of the project vicinity map.
Photo of the roadway of Fillmore Drive NW.

About the Project

The project involves resurfacing existing asphalt pavement on Fillmore Drive Northwest and 56th Street Northwest from 0.1 miles west of Wollochet Drive Northwest to 38th Street Northwest (Gig Harbor City Limits).

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Andrew Davis, P.E.
Construction Engineering Supervisor
Phone: (253) 798-6913
2702 S 42nd St., Suite 109
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