ADA Transition Plan Online Open House

banner image of 176th St E
photo of a crosswalk on Garfield Street
Thank you for visiting our online open house on Pierce County’s draft Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for Public Rights-of-Way.

Once adopted, this plan will guide us as we bring pedestrian facilities—including sidewalks, curb ramps, pedestrian push buttons and driveway entrances—located in the public right-of-way into compliance with the ADA.

This online open house provides a high-level overview of the draft plan. You can also read the draft plan

Your opinion matters
We are seeking public comment on the draft plan through August 30. We've included a short survey at the end of this open house to gather your feedback. We've also listed other ways you can provide comment.

Thank you
We are working to make our pedestrian facilities more accessible for the public. We appreciate your time and feedback on this important issue. Thank you!