About the PROS Plan
What is the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan?

The 2020 PROS Plan establishes goals, objectives and recommendations for developing, conserving and managing the parks, trails and open space, also known as the park system. The plan strives to fulfill Pierce County residents' aspirations for the park system by creating more opportunities for people to: connect to nature; live active, healthy lifestyles; experience vibrant community spaces; and learn sustainable practices. The 2020 PROS Plan is an update to previous PROS Plans, which have been adopted every six years since 2008. 
The PROS Plans includes the following chapters:
  • Chapter 1: Executive Summary - Provides an overview of the plan.
  • Chapter 2: Goals and Objectives - Provides the policies and guiding principles that drive Pierce County's park system.
  • Chapter 3: Current Parks and Recreation System - Provides an inventory of lands currently managed by Pierce County Parks. This chapter also discusses other park providers operating in Pierce County.
  • Chapter 4: Demand and Needs Assessment - Provides an overview of the demand and needs for park lands and facilities based on a data-driven analysis. This analysis includes public feedback, recreation trends, demographics, geography, and benchmarks. This chapter also establishes a minimum and target level of service for the Pierce County park system.
  • Chapter 5: Capital Facilities Action Plan - Provides an overview of funding sources, projected revenues, and 2020-2030 Capital Facilities Plan for the park system.
  • Chapter 6: Regional Trails Plan - Updates the 2014 Regional Trails Plan and provides maps and information about potential future trails through Pierce County.
  • Chapter 7: Strategic Plan and System Management - Outlines key strategic actions and performance measures to focus department resources on what matters most to residents. Explains how Pierce County Parks is organized and manages the resources entrusted to the department.
  • Chapter 8: Recreation Programming - Outlines programs offered, funding sources, and challenges.
  • Chapter 9: Open Space Plan - Provides an overview of Pierce County's open space conservation programs.
The Update process
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