Demand & Needs Assessment

Demand & Needs Assessment Overview

The Demand and Needs Assessment is a data-driven assessment of the improvements needed within the park system. The assessment is based on multiple factors to determine what the park system needs, where it should go, and how much of it is needed. The following graphic illustrates the data used to reach these conclusions.

demand and need graphic

Key Findings

Overall Findings

The following are countywide findings from the Demand and Needs Assessment. Findings by Region are summarized in the next section.

  • Regional trails, family activities, open space, and water access are Pierce County residents’ top priorities for park facilities.
  • Pierce County has a lower rate of parks and trails than similar communities.
  • Parkland, Spanaway, Midland, South Hill, and Frederickson are expected to receive the majority of population growth in 2020-2030.
  • Investments in walking and hiking facilities should be prioritized and distributed across the system, especially in urban areas where population is concentrated, because walking is a high participation activity for all ages.

Findings by Region

Click on the map below to see the findings for each Region.