Capital Facilities Action Plan

Capital Facilities Action Plan

The Capital Facilities Action Plan chapter of the PROS Plan brings together the findings from the Demand and Needs Assessment with adopted policies from the County's Comprehensive Plan and the department's Fiscal Policy to develop an achievable improvement plan for the Pierce County park system from 2020-2030. 

The Capital Facilities Action Plan includes a list of major projects that are likely to be completed in this timeline, as well as a summary of the revenue sources used by the Department to accomplish these improvements. 

Policy Ven

Proposed 2020-2030 Major Projects

The Capital Facilities Action Plan includes a list of projects that are considered "Capital Projects," which means that they require a large investment or come from a funding source that requires all funds expended to be accounted for in the County's Capital Facilities Plan. 

The list is organized by trail projects, system-wide improvements, and project location by Region. 

System-wide improvements are investments that will be made throughout the park system. 

Interactive Map of Proposed Projects and Existing and Proposed Parks and Trails

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List of Major Projects

Click the tabs at the top to view projects in each category. 

  1. Trails 
  2. System-wide
  3. Central Region
  4. North Region
  5. South Region
  6. West Region

Proposed 2020-2030 Trails Projects

Project Name Project Description Estimated Cost Estimated Timeline Region
Cascade Water Alliance Partnership on Water Flume Trail Public Access Work with Cascade Water Alliance to plan public access improvements to White River Flume Trail $200,000 6-year North
Chambers Creek Regional Park - Chambers Creek Canyon Trail Construct footpaths and bridges in Chambers Creek Canyon $1,638,000 6-year West
Foothills Trail - Preservation & Safety Improvements Bridge and paving repairs along Foothills Trail $1,200,000 6-year North
Foothills Trail - Bridge at White River Pierce County will share the cost of construction of a bridge over the White River extending Foothills Trail to meet Enumclaw trails $266,000 6-year North
Foothills Trail - Cascade Junction to Carbonado Extend Foothills Trail to Carbonado $6,200,000 6- and 10-year North
Foothills Trail - Trailhead Expansions Expand the East Puyallup Trailhead to provide additional parking and improve drainage $2,900,000 6-year North
Foothills Trail - Riverwalk Trail Connection Build a link between Foothills Trail and Riverwalk Trail if one is not constructed by a developer $1,440,000 10-year North
Half Dollar Park Trailhead Build a trailhead for Pipeline Trail at Half Dollar Park $1,800,000 6-year South
Orangegate Park Trailhead Build a trailhead for Pipeline Trail at Orangegate Park $2,400,000 6-year Central
Parkland Community Trail Build a trail between Pacific Lutheran University and Sprinker Recreation Center including connections to 4 public schools and 3 parks $4,335,000 6-year Central
Peninsula Partnership - Regional Trails Project Contribute funding to a regional trail project on the Gig Harbor Peninsula $1,400,000 10-year West
Pipeline Trail - Tacoma to South Hill Extend the Pipeline Trail from Tacoma city limits to South Hill $7,400,000 6-year Central, South
Tacoma to Puyallup Trail Connection Study Contribute funding to a study about trail alignment between Tacoma and Puyallup $60,000 6-year North