Section J - Illumination and Signals

PC.J1.1 Steel Pole Luminaire Arm Connection
PC.J1.2 Signal Pole Foundation
PC.J1.3 Signal Standard Foundation
PC.J1.4 Light Standard Foundation
PC.J1.5 Aluminum Light Standard
PC.J1.6 Internal Terminal Compartment Detail, Sheet 1 of 2
PC.J1.7 Internal Terminal Compartment Detail, Sheet 2 of 2
PC.J1.8 Pierce County Type Pedestrian Standard Foundation
PC.J1.9 Junction Box, Utility Vault, Utility Valves, and Conduit Detail
PC.J1.10 Video Detection Camera Mounting Detail
PC.J1.11 Illumination Wiring Details
PC.J1.12 Typical Grounding Details, Sheet 1 of 2
PC.J1.13 Typical Grounding Details, Sheet 2 of 2
PC.J2.1 Pole-Mounted Flasher Electrical Service Panel
PC.J2.2 Pole-Mounted Signal Electrical Service Panel
PC.J2.3 Pad-Mounted Service Cabinet
PC.J2.4 Stand Alone Service Cabinet Pedestal
PC.J2.5 Combined Controller and Service Cabinet Pedestal
PC.J2.6 Combined Controller, Service Cabinet, and Battery Backup Pedestal
PC.J3.1 Traffic Signal Head Alignment, Sheet 1 of 2
PC.J3.2 Traffic Signal Head Alignment, Sheet 2 of 2
PC.J4    Pedestrian Pushbutton
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