Virtual Town Hall

COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall 

Sunday, March 22 at 6:00 p.m.

Executive Bruce Dammeier, and directors from Emergency Management, Human Services, and Economic Development, took questions after briefing residents on how Pierce County is managing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions & Answers

Why is there no stay in your home or curfew implemented? I don’t think many WA citizens are taking this seriously to include our governing body.

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Many people are suddenly in the precarious position of not being able to pay their rent, how is Pierce County planning on helping renters?

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What is being done to protect retail workers whose employers are refusing to close? It seems small business are closed, while large corporations are not, and they are not protecting their employees.

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Where do you plan to house homeless individuals who are testing positive and/or whom have been exposed for isolation? And, are there or will there be medical staff there to care for them?

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What are you doing to help people get cleaning and emergency supplies?

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Will first half property tax deadline be extended past April 30th without penalties?

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Why is Boeing not shutting down in Washington?

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I am disturbed by the fact that day cares have not been ordered to shut down in the same way that schools have, especially given that I have a family member who has asthma working at one. We are putting people at serious risk by keeping them open. Time to shut them down.

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What are the latest number of cases in Pierce County? How many people have been tested?

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Will there be public testing soon and are there enough testing kits?

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What is the best way to get medical attention if I think I have the virus?

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What is Pierce County doing to help vulnerable populations such as the elderly and the homeless?

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Which County offices are still open for business? Can I still get a license or permit?

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Are Pierce County Parks open? If so how can I keep my family safe while visiting them?

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What are ways we can volunteer or help people feel less isolated?

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Does the County Executive have the authority to put Pierce County on lock down or shelter in place except for essential workers?

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Does the size of gatherings apply to my workplace?

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Why aren’t we going into a temporary shut-down?

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How is self-quarantining going to work with spouses having to work and with people carrying on as normal?

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When will Pierce County have temporary care centers available?

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I am in an industry that supplies grocery stores and convenience stores, are we high risk.??

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When and where can people with current upper respiratory issues and who don’t have a temperature and who don’t work in the fields listed be tested?

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What real estate is the county looking at for overflow medical beds? What goes into that consideration?

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What percentage of the positive cases are being hospitalized?

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Do you think that local universities will be able to hold commencement on schedule at the end of May?

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Why is the mobile testing at the Dome only going through Wednesday?

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Are public meetings still being held?

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What should we do if our workplace is unable to meet the CDC guidelines but are still remaining to stay open?

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Is there a central point person to coordinate volunteer drivers to deliver food & supplies to people in over-55 facilities, including food donated or provided by restaurants that are now closed to the public?

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What is the process for a business to be considered an essential service if a shelter-in-place order has been initiated?

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Due to the outbreak continuing to grow in Pierce Co. will schools most likely stay closed past April 24th?

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Can the County ensure Western State Hospital is protecting their staff and patients accordingly?

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How is the health department incorporating test results from private labs like Labcorp and Quest? Currently the site only lists totals from DOH and UW. Are those labs reporting directly to TPCHD? When will those numbers become apparent to the public?

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You are acting like things are good in Pierce County and mandatory shelter in place is going overboard. If that is true, why is the federal government sending emergency aid to the area?

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What happens if COVID19 gets into the jails of our county? Will they shut down for a while?

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Is there a way that you can get the homeless off the streets until this is over?

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What can be done about people not social distancing at parks and beaches and other public places?

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For those struggling financially, which bills do you consider to be the most essential to pay?

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