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Feb 04

Be Great Pierce County Vol. 5 The Electric Zamboni

Posted on February 4, 2015 at 10:44 AM by Ryan Dicks

Pierce County's Electric Zamboni

Pierce County Parks and Recreation recently purchased a new electric Zamboni to replace the old gas Zamboni. The new Zamboni runs on clean hydropower and will reduce gasoline use by over 1,200 gallons a year. Importantly it also results in cleaner air within the indoor skating facility for patrons and county workers.

Since Sprinker's renovation in 2012 the facility has...

  • Reduced energy use by 49% saving $64,000 annually.
  • Reduced water use by 74% saving $5,300 annually.
  • Sprinker's revenue is up 17.5%, with ice skating revenue up 30%.