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Mar 03

Pierce County Employees Help to Conserve 153 Acre Matlock Farm

Posted on March 3, 2015 at 8:58 AM by Ryan Dicks

Pierce County employees do a lot of important things to keep the County moving forward.  One of these things was recently in the news when a group of Pierce County employees worked with Forterra to conserve the 153 acre Matlock farm. 

Largest Farmland Conservation Project in Pierce County History Completed

New farmers get help protecting local food's future

In Record Deal, More Than 150 Acres Of Farmland Preserved In Pierce County

Farm preservation projects are complicated and involve several departments working together over the course of a few years.  These projects are dependent on several different funding sources and working with new farmers to agree on permanent conservation easements.  The Matlock Farm project is a model for future Pierce County transactions because it improves flood protection on the Puyallup River, dramatically improves salmon habitat and keeps two new farmers on the land providing local food and goods.  

Congratulations on the largest farm conservation project in Pierce County history to Pierce County employees Diane Marcus-Jones (PALS), Kimberly Freeman (Parks), Nicole Hill (Parks), Dave Prather (Prosecutor), Hans Hunger (SWM) and Hollie Rogge (Parks/PW).