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Apr 22

Five Tips to Live Like Everyday is Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 11:24 AM by Ryan Dicks

Earth Day annually reminds us that the economy, human health and healthy food are only possible if we have a healthy environment that provides us with clean air to breath and clean water to drink.  Here are 5 things you can do to save money, limit waste, protect the environment and improve your health.

1) Buy Less Stuff

If you bought half as much stuff you could afford to buy nicer stuff that lasts longer and potentially is locally produced.  This video will motivate you to make a positive change. 

2) Eat Less Meat from Cows, Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Red meat has a huge carbon and water footprint.  Limiting the amount of beef you eat to special occasions can significantly reduce your personal impact on the environment.  A great way to get more fruits and vegetable delivered to your work is to join the Fresh Food Program.  Food is delivered now to the County City Building, Merit Building, Annex, Community Connection, Juvenile Court, Hess and the Tacoma Mall Plaza for no delivery fee. To sign up simply go to this website and register for delivery to your building.  Watch this video to see the happy Pierce County customers that are buying locally grown food.

3) Electric Vehicles Limit Pollution and Keep Your Money Local

Electric Vehicles have no local air emissions and can save you money because they run on clean affordable hydropower (in Pierce County).  The money you spend on fuel goes to your local power utility and not to fossil fuel producers from out of the state/country.  Watch this video to decide what Electric Vehicle is right for you?

4) Build Your Workout Into Your Commute.

Everyone thinks more clearly when they get regular exercise.  If you can find a way to build in a bike trip or a walk to a bus stop into your commute, you will get home having already gotten a workout.  Using your free ORCA card makes this much cheaper than joining the gym.  Watch this video to see how to put your bike on a Pierce Transit Bus.

5) Move Closer to Your Work

People who live closer to work are happier, healthier and spend less money and time in their vehicles.  In the 2014 Sustainability Survey 29% of Pierce County employees said they lived more than 10 miles away from work and 25% live over 20 miles from work.  If you have the freedom to move closer to work it will literally give you more time in the day and lower stress related with long vehicle commutes. Watch this video to see the health downside of a long commute.