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Oct 01

Ten Free Sustainable Apps For Your Smartphone

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 1:22 PM by Ryan Dicks

Can technology make you a more sustainable person? Yes, I believe it can help you to become better informed and a more educated consumer. Here are a couple of apps for your personal smartphone that will save you money, limit waste, protect the environment and improve human health. Many of these apps will need to know your location to be helpful and all are available at Android and Apple app stores.

Air Quality
The Burn Ban 411 app comes to us from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.  It is very helpful in letting you know when there are burn bans or other restrictions in Pierce, Kitsap, King or Snohomish County.
Burn Ban 411 

Electric Vehicle Charging
The PlugShare app (Apple) (Android) allows you to find electric vehicle charging stations anywhere in the U.S. You will find custom reviews and a picture of the charging station.

Carbon Footprint
The Oroeco app allows you to get a general sense of your carbon footprint and then it compares your carbon footprint to other people in your zip code.  You will need some utility and mileage information to accurately fill out your profile.

The Puget Sound Fresh app that was developed by Pierce County, UWT and Puget Sound Fresh brings the best of the Farm Guide to a mobile app. It uses your phone's GPS to find local farms, farmers markets, harvest schedules, recipes and local events. The Puget Sound Fresh app serves all of Western Washington.
Puget Sound Fresh 

The GasBuddy app allows you to find the cheapest gasoline in your area. Gas prices can often be as much as 60 cents different per gallon in Tacoma. If you have to buy gas you might as well save some money.

The MapMyHike app allows you to track your hikes or walks and gives you data about elevation gains.   

The CPR-Choking app (Apple)(Android) allows you to quickly remember the best course of action if you need to help someone with CPR of Choking.  There is nothing more sustainable than saving someone's life. 

The OneBusAway app was developed by the University of Washington to let you know when your bus is coming to its stop.  The accuracy of this app is not perfect but it does a great job of letting you know where and when bus lines run in the Puget Sound region.

The iRecycle app takes a national database of places to recycle and lets you find the closest place to recycle all sorts of things.

Not Free But Worth Considering
The Chinook Book app gets you deals at local restaurants, grocery stores and other merchants. If you make the effort to use the coupons, you will save way more than the initial cost.
 Chinook Book