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Dec 03

Green Tips for Holiday Shopping

Posted on December 3, 2015 at 2:30 PM by Ryan Dicks

It's that time of year again where we human beings buy a bunch of stuff for our loved ones and hope that they like it.  There is no super green way to buy a bunch of new stuff but hopefully these tips will spark some ideas to make you feel good about the gifts you do buy.

1) Shop Local - Because Washington State is a sales tax state purchases do bring money to our local communities.  When you spend your money locally you keep it in the community providing local jobs and local economic development.

2) Gifts That Lessen Your Footprint - Some gifts can save you money and improve the health of the environment.  Now most of us are not going to get a new electric car for the holidays but a few other ideas are possible.

While there are plenty of expensive reusable water bottles out there no cup works significantly better that the traditional mason jar.  A family that buys 12 mason jars for $10 (At your local grocery store) can have 3 reusable cups per person in a family of 4. if you need something that won't break try a stainless steel water bottle.  

Electric lawn mowers, leave blowers, and other equipment are here to stay. I have had great luck with the EGO Power lawn equipment that does not use fossil fuels or create air pollution for you to breath.

Want to get into biking but not sure about the hills in Tacoma and Pierce County?  Electric bicycles are slowly becoming more affordable.  If you want to take a chance on an affordable one check out the wave electric bike. Electric bikes seem expensive but in reality they cost about as much as owning a car for 2 months. 

Shop ConsignmentPlayback Sports , Ashley's RoomMegs And MoKidz Kaboodle.

Vintage or Antiques are also great because no new resources go into making these items. At the end of the day anyone can buy the latest mp3 technology but a 1960's record player might be just the thing that makes your loved ones the most happy.

3) Shop Independent - When you buy from national chains most of your money ends up going out of state.  Pierce County is home to some great independent and local stores whose owners live in our community.

A few examples for kids toys Teaching Toys , Learning Sprout .  

A few examples for Adult gifts Compass Rose , Watermark , Garfield BookstoreThe Pacific Northwest Shop , King's Books, My Cheese Shoppe.

4) Give Experiences - When you think about the last year you are most likely to remember that thing you tried for the first time or the trips you went on. Is this the year to give a trip to Crystal Mountain, or the ropes course at Northwest Trek? (Kids get free admission to Northwest Trek in December)

5) Give the Gift of Local Food -
Signup for a local community supported agriculture program that delivers fresh local food to your home or your office. Delivery to Pierce County Offices , List of other CSA's.  This is a great way to get fresh food all year long and support local farmers from Pierce County.